Executive Committee

The Council's Executive Committee is composed of an elected chair, vice chair, and secretary, as well as the past chair, and chair-appointed representative from the Board of Supervisors and chair-appointed representative from the Superintendent of Schools. The Executive Committee meets quarterly. Some of the committee's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: review documents for each council meeting; review council membership applications; and provide oversight of fiscal matters of the council.

The Executive Committee meets from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Until further notice, the meetings will be held via Zoom. Please refer to the agenda for a Zoom meeting address.

2021-22 Meeting Dates

Agendas and Minutes from Past Meetings

August 26 minutes, agenda; October 28 minutes, agenda;
February 3 minutes, agenda; March 24 minutes, agenda May 5 minutes, agenda June 23 minutes, agenda
October 2 minutes, agenda; December 4 minutes, agenda;
February 4 minutes, agenda; April 29 minutes, agenda; June 24 minutes, agenda
August 15 minutes, agenda ; October 10 minutes, agenda; December 5 minutes, agenda;
April 9 minutes, agenda; June 19 minutes, agenda